Research Staff

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Prefix all extensions with “(+353) (0)21 490″ for staff based in UCC and  “(+353) (0)21 234″ for staff based in the Tyndall.

NameExtension Email Room No. 
Dr. Cleitus Antony4872 cleitus.antony@tyndall.ieTyndall1228530
Dr. Felipe Murphy Armando6985 philip.murphy@tyndall.ieTyndall 
Dr. Satheesh Chandran2358 pmsc85@gmail.com118DSatheesh photo
Dr. Fatima Gunning4859 Fatima.gunning@tyndall.ieTyndallfgunning
Dr. Yang Hua hua.yang@tyndall.ieTyndall 
Dr. Benjamin Lingnau 
Dr. Xing Ouyang6829 xing.ouyang@tyndall.ieTyndalldownload
Dr. Mark Power6650 mark.power@tyndall.ieTyndall 
Dr. Stefan Schulz6175 stefan.schulz@tyndall.ieTyndallw_rms_blob_common
Dr. Maryam Shayesteh6624 maryam.shayesteh@tyndall.ieTyndallmaryam.shayesteh
Dr. Giuseppe Talli6838 giuseppe.talli@tyndall.ieTyndallgiuseppe.talli_crop