Welcome to the Department of Physics at the University College Cork.

The Department of Physics is one of Ireland’s largest, most dynamic centres of scientific development with a focus on excellence in both education and research, and a particularly strong track record in PhD education.

The strength of our undergraduate degree programmes in both physics and astrophysics attracts a large cohort of talented students to study physics at UCC. Our research strength also attracts many international post-doctoral fellows and visiting scientists to our department, making it a large, cosmopolitan place for the advancement of science.

The Department of Physics plays an important strategic role in the region through its extensive interactions with industry both nationally and internationally.



NiallFest2018 celebrating the work of Niall O’Murchadha (UCC Physics).


Niall with Kip Thorne Nobel laureate in Physics


Participants enjoying the sunshine in UCC at NiallFest2018

UCC invests in atmospheric monitoring station



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