BSc in Education in the Physical Sciences

Education in the Physical Sciences (BSc) – Course Code: CK402 Biological and Chemical Sciences / CK406 Chemical Sciences / CK408 Physics and Astrophysics, Duration: 4 years

Science teaching is a very challenging and worthwhile career. Did you enjoy learning about science in school? Do you feel you would like a career in which you spend your time helping young people to succeed? Do you think that you would like the activity of classroom and laboratory teaching? If you have answered \91yes\92 to these questions, then you should consider taking a module in science education as part of your degree.

The overall aim of this programme is the professional development of Science teachers of the highest possible calibre. Students in First Year take exactly the same subjects as all other students in CK406 and CK408. Students may also enter the course via CK402 provided they take route one in Second Year as specified in the UCC University Calendar, i.e. 40 credits of Chemistry modules in Second Year. In Second Year, students may take a \91taste of teaching\92 by choosing Science Education as an elective module. If you find that you have enjoyed the experience of teaching, you may take another Science Education module in Third Year. Typically, these Science Education modules cover topics like classroom organisation and teaching approaches, lesson planning, understanding teaching and learning, the role of practical work in science education, etc. Each of the Science Education modules involves attendance at one lecture for 12 weeks. Your teaching ability, portfolio of prepared lessons and a teaching project all count towards the mark awarded for the module. At the end of Third Year you have the choice of proceeding to Fourth Year of this degree or you may stay in the mainstream BSc (Hons) programme. Fourth Year of the Honours Bachelor of Science (Education) is exactly the same course as that undertaken by those students pursuing the Postgraduate Diploma in Education.

You will have six weeks experience of teaching (2 hours per week plus one hour of mentoring) in a local school. You will have the assistance of a mentor teacher in this school. The teaching experience will help you to make up your mind about a career in teaching. Your teaching practice will be supervised by a member of staff of the Department of Education, UCC. This degree programme was initiated by UCC in response to the international shortage of teachers of the Physical Sciences. Whilst full-time permanent teaching positions are not plentiful in Ireland, there remains a shortage of teachers of Physics and Chemistry. Graduates of this degree have no difficulty finding full time permanent positions overseas.

What Will You Be Studying?

  • Year 1
  • CK402 – Core Modules: Biology (20 credits), Chemistry (15 credits), Physics (15 credits), Mathematics (10 credits).
  • CK406
    • Option 1: Chemistry (20 credits), Mathematics (10 credits), Physics (10 credits). Plus 20 credits chosen from Biology or Environmental Science and Geology or Computer Science.
    • Option 2: Chemistry (20 credits), Mathematics (15 credits), Physics (10 credits). Plus 15 credits chosen from Applied Mathematics, Physics or Computer Science.
  • CK408
    • Physics (20 credits) – Introductory Physics I and II
    • Mathematics (10 credits) – Calculus and Linear Algebra
    • Plus one of the following options (10 credits): Option 1 – Mechanics I and II, or Option 2 – Introduction to Mechanics, Elements of Mathematical Modelling.
    • Elective Modules: Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics.
  • Year 2
  • Students take modules from the following areas as appropriate: Chemistry, Physics, Science Education, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics
  • Year 3
  • Students take modules from the following areas as appropriate: Chemistry, Physics, Science Education, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics
  • Year 4
  • Students study the following core modules:
    ED6301 Philosophy and History of Education (5 credits)
    ED6302 Psychology and Sociology of Education (5 credits)
    ED6303 Curriculum Assessment and Technology (5 credits)
    ED6304 Teaching Studies: Theories and Practices of Teaching & Learning (5 credits)
    ED6305 Reflective and Professional Practice (5 credits)
    D6306 Inclusive and Multicultural Education (5 credits)
    ED6307 Teaching Practice (20 credits)
    ED6317 The Teaching of Mathematics (5 credits)