Adjunct Academic Staff

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NameExtension Email Room No. 
Stefan Andersson-Engels Stefan.AnderssonEngels@tyndall.ieTyndallStefanAndersson-Engels
Dr. David Nikogosyan3303-3026 nikogo1946@gmail.comDr. David Nikogosyan
Dr. Peter O’Brien4841 peter.obrien@tyndall.ieDr. Peter O'Brien
Dr. Emanuele Pelucchi5610 emanuele.pelucchi@tyndall.ieTyndallPelucchi
Dr. Aidan Quinn4424 aidan.quinn@tyndall.ieDr Aidan Qiunn
Prof. Saibal Roy Saibal.roy@tyndall.ieTyndallProf. Saibal Roy
Dr. Ivana Savic ivana.savic@tyndall.ieTyndallDr. Ivana Savic
Prof. Paul Townsend4857 paul.townsend@tyndall.ieTyndallptownsend