Academic Staff

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Prefix all extensions with “(+353) (0)21 490″, unless otherwise stated.
Email addresses should not contain underscores.
Offices are located inside the Kane building on the UCC campus.

NameExtension Email Room No. 
Prof. John McInerney  2468 j.mcinerney@ucc.ie214johnmac2
Prof. Paul Callanan3211 paulc@ucc.ie104Cpaulc2
Dr. Pádraig Mac Cárthaigh2901 pjm@ucc.ie215Epjm
Prof. J.C. Seamus Davis Version 5
Prof. Stephen Fahy2452 s.fahy@ucc.ie104Asfahy
Prof. Denise Gabuzda2003 d.gabuzda@ucc.ie118Bw_rms_blob_common.download_photo
Dr. Bryan Kelleher3302 bryan.kelleher@ucc.ie215BBryan Kelleher
Dr. Anthony Kiely3761 anthony.kiely@ucc.ie215CAnthony Kiely
Prof. Asaf Pe’er (On Leave)2594 a.peer@ucc.ie101Cmypic9
Prof. Eoin O’Reilly4413 eoin.oreilly@tyndall.ieTyndallEOReilly
Prof. Frank Peters2381 f.peters@ucc.ie116Afpeters
Dr. Andreas Ruschhaupt2373 aruschhaupt@ucc.ie216Aarusch
Prof. Albert A. Ruth2057 - 2358 a.ruth@ucc.ie118A(Office)/116 (Lab)Andy_in front of blackboard
Dr. Masoud Seikifar2594 mseifikar@ucc.ie101CMasoud S 2