Prof. Stephen Fahy

Associate Professor


Physics Department
University College Cork

IRIS research profile

Phone: +353-21-4902452
Fax : +353-21-4276949


1987 Ph.D. in Physics University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA
Thesis topic: Electronic properties, structural phase transitions, and bonding of carbon in the solid state
Thesis advisor: Prof. Steven G. Louie
1981 M.Sc. in Mathematics University College Cork , Ireland
Topics: Theory of finite groups; complex and subharmonic functions
1979 B.Sc. in Mathematics and Statistics University College Cork , Ireland

Professional Employment

1993- Lecturer (1993-97) and Associate Professor (1998-) University College Cork, Ireland Department of Physics
1990-93 Assistant Professor of Physics and Applied Physics University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA Department of Physics and Applied Physics Program
1988-90 Member of technical staff AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ, USA
1987-88 Postdoctoral researcher University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA Department of Physics
Supervisor: Prof. Steven G. Louie

Research Interests

Electronic structure theory and dynamical properties of condensed systems
Quantum Monte Carlo methods and applications
Diamond and related materials
Randomly-driven and coupled non-linear dyamical systems
Dynamical response of solids to impulsive excitation
Electron transmission in semiconductor heterostructures

Current Classes

PY4020 Condensed Matter Physics
Advanced Quantum and Statistical Physics
PY502/PY4090 Computational Physics
PY2050 Experimental Methods in Physics